Sarah Gehrke

Sarah Gehrke is the Women’s Head Coach for OKC Riversport Juniors Rowing. Sarah feels incredibly fortunate to be able to call her passion her career and enjoys learning alongside her… View Article

Tempe Knopp

Tempe Knopp first discovered her love of rowing at Oklahoma State University, earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology and youth and family counseling.  Upon graduation, Tempe and her… View Article

Sierra Cydrus

Sierra Cydrus is a native of Chillicothe, Ohio and started her rowing career at The Ohio State University in the fall of 2015 as a walk-on. In 2019 Sierra earned a… View Article

Hilton Park

Hilton Park started rowing in Oklahoma City in 2012 with the OKC Chesapeake Junior Crew. He started rowing with the High Performance team in 2017. He decided to dedicate his… View Article