Bike Park

RIVERSPORT’s Bike Park offers a mountain bike skills course plus three world-class mountain bike/BMX courses for the bike, skateboard and skate communities. The Bike Park is open to the public except for select times reserved for pass holders. Bring your own bike; scooters are available to rent.

Velosolutions Pump Track for Bikes/Skates

Velosolutions, the world leader in paved pump track design and construction, has installed a 15,000 square foot asphalt track featuring seamless paved waves. The largest of its kind in the USA, it includes an integrated timing system that will connect OKC’s track with other Velosolutions pump tracks nationwide for virtual competition. A portion of the funding for the track was provided as a grant from The Recreational Trails Program.

Momentum Pump Track

The Momentum Pump Track is a fiberglass mountain bike/BMX course designed with a series of berms, bumps and jumps that allow riders to utilize gravity and body weight to “pump” rather than pedal the course. It is the largest composite bike pump track in the U.S.

A second smaller fiberglass speed ring is located adjacent to the Velosolutions track.

Please note that helmets and pads (knee and elbow pads) are required for guests using the pump track.