Height & Weight Guidelines

Your safety is our top priority. Help ensure you have a fun-filled day by following a few guidelines.

Participate Responsibly If you have a pre-existing physical/medical condition, check with a physician before participating. For safety reasons, we do not allow pregnant women to participate in activities requiring a harness or in whitewater rafting. All youth ages 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Land Activities Please follow all instructions given by RIVERSPORT staff. Empty your pockets of any loose items. If the attraction requires a harness, allow the Adventure Guide to safely secure and remove your harness. Cyclists and long boarders are required to wear helmets. Pads are required on the pump track. Secure footwear is required (no flip-flops, crocs or sandals without a back strap) for all adventures and rafting. You’ll find more important information here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure!

Water Activities Each person participating in a water activity should go through the safety briefing before getting on the water. PFDs are required for everyone and will be fitted to you by an Adventure Guide. The PFD must be secured before you step onto the dock and must remain in place throughout the activity. Please follow the safety rules posted at every activity. They are designed to ensure you have a safe, fun experience. Regardless of height, weight and age guidelines, you must fit securely in a safety harness, helmet and/or PFD in order to participate.