Stand Up Paddle Boarding

OKC RIVERSPORT offers stand up paddle boarding opportunities for anyone ages 5+. Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is fun for the whole family and a great way to get out on the water! One of the fastest growing sports in the country, SUP is a full body workout that can be as challenging – or as easy – as you make it.

RIVERSPORT Flat Tide logo

Standing on a wide “surf” board, you’ll use a long, angled paddle to leisurely move through the water, or pick up the pace and race your friends. Ages 8+ can paddle solo, while ages 5+ can SUP with an adult. SUP is included in the RIVERSPORT day passes and season memberships. All participants are required to wear a PFD which is provided…unless you’re a “puppy participant.” Bring your pup along, but be sure to bring your own doggy PFD (required).

SUP is available in the Boathouse District and via RIVERSPORT Flat Tide at Lake Overholser.

Get out on the water for an experience you won’t forget!