Boathouse District FAQs

Where is the Boathouse District located?

The Boathouse District is located on the Oklahoma River in downtown Oklahoma City at the crossroads of the nation, the intersection of I35 and I40.

Who owns the Boathouse District?

The Boathouse District is a unique blend of public and private enterprise coming together to create a landmark destination. The land is owned by the City of Oklahoma City and a significant portion of the funds to develop the district were provided via MAPS, a one cent sales tax that rejuvenated the river and race course, installed permanent lights on the river and built RIVERSPORT Rapids whitewater rafting and kayaking center. The RIVERSPORT Foundation manages the area and all of the boathouses, and owns the Chesapeake Boathouse, Chesapeake Finish Line Tower, RIVERSPORT Adventures and the SandRidge Youth Pavilion. The Devon Boathouse is owned by Oklahoma City University, and the University of Central Oklahoma owns the UCO Boathouse.

What is there to do in the Boathouse District?

The Boathouse District is a unique destination for athletes, metro area families and visitors to Oklahoma City. Athletes look forward to rowing or paddling on the district’s world-class 4000m race and training course, while families and visitors can get on the water in a kayak, take a bike ride on the 13+ miles of trails, enjoy RIVERSPORT Adventures and now, enjoy whitewater rafting and Love’s tubing in RIVERSPORT Rapids. You’ll also find Surf OKC, a Flowrider surfing experience, and Ski OKC, an indoor skiing experience opening Memorial Day weekend, 2021.

We also invite you to enjoy the art and architecture of the Boathouse District. The Compass Rose sculpture by internationally acclaimed artist Owen Morrell graces the entrance to the Boathouse District, and everyone appreciates the iconic architecture of the structures along the river, each designed by architect Rand Elliott, Elliott & Associates.  The UCO Boathouse includes a live music venue and an art gallery. Together, the architecture and athleticism of the Boathouse District are becoming recognized as a world-class destination by local and international visitors alike.