Image of person in air after stepping off Rumble Drop

Rumble Drop

Ready for an extreme experience? Check out the Rumble Drop! It’s a free fall experience off the top of the SandRidge Sky Trail usingPowerFan® technology – it’s similar to the sensation of skydiving or bungee jumping without the bounce. A safety cable slows your descent, but not before you get the rush of falling into 80 feet of thin air.

The Rumble Drop is part of the Boathouse District’s partnership with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“We’re proud to be part of this expansion of the Boathouse District that will open up world-class facilities for Oklahoma families to experience fun, fitness and teamwork,” said Brian Byrnes, senior vice president of sales and marketing for the Thunder. “Rumble serves as a great model for kids to reinforce the importance of staying healthy and active, and tying him in with this new experience reflects our commitment to those same values.”

Secure footwear (no flip flops) are required on the SandRidge Sky Zip, Sky Slide or Rumble Drop – we also recommend safety straps for glasses/sunglasses. Weight requirement: 265 lbs. maximum. Height requirement: 48″ minimum.