Adaptive Recreational Kayaking FAQs

Adaptive Recreational Kayaking FAQs

How much does this program cost?

The program is free for adults ages 18+ with physical and visual disabilities and their caregivers.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes. Save time by signing your waiver online; look for the floating link on this page.

What do I wear?

Dress for the weather including sunscreen, hat and a water bottle.

What safety precautions are in place?

We partner two safety kayak volunteers with one or two program participants to assist them in safely getting on the water. Safety kayak volunteers also paddle alongside program participants and can alert safety launch drivers if assistance is needed.

Is there anything I shouldn’t bring?

Leave all valuables and electronics at home. Don’t bring anything out in the boat with you that could be damaged by the water.

Where does the program meet?

Participants meet at the Chesapeake Finish Line Tower.

How will I know which boat is right for me?

Your coaches will assess your abilities, give you a PFD, and place you in a kayak that is safe and appropriate for your experience level. Equipment adaptations include pontoons for added stability, trunk support, and paddles with handholds.

Will there be supervision and support on the water?

A safety launch and kayak safety volunteers on the water at each lesson.