RIVERSPORT Cardboard Canoe Challenge

SOAR Cardboard Canoe Curriculum

The full SOAR Cardboard Canoe curriculum was developed for 7th grade science teachers to use in the classroom with teams of kids building boats. Lessons include innovation, collaboration and STEM principles. The full curriculum includes a field trip to RIVERSPORT  to race their boats – and every students has a chance to get on the water and paddle. Contact us to learn more about an experience for your classroom.

Building a cardboard canoe is a creative project you can do with your kids at home – and you can even use it as a STEM activity in the classroom.

The idea is simple – and you don’t have to actually float it to have fun! Your kids can design and build a canoe from a sheet of cardboard, markers and tape. Make it any size you want and use markers, crayons or paint to decorate it. Build it large enough to sit in, or a mini version to float in your tub or a wading pool. Then send us a photo or video of your creation via email or tag us on social media @riversportokc.org

We’ve put together some resources to get you started, along with STEM information you can use to teach your kids about buoyancy, water displacement, and even Newton’s laws of motion. We also have vocabulary words to introduce them to the world of human-powered boats.

RIVERSPORT’s Cardboard Canoe Challenge is a part of our OKC Thrive Outside initiative to get more kids outside more often! We hope you’ll join us.


Cardboard Canoe Overview Video

Cardboard Canoe Timelapse

Worksheets (full curriculum available for classrooms)

RIVERSPORT Cardboard Canoe Overview

RIVERSPORT Designing Your Canoe

RIVERSPORT Cardboard Canoe Engineering

RIVERSPORT Cardboard Canoe Boat Designs

RIVERSPORT Cardboard Canoe Buoyancy Exp

RIVERSPORT Cardboard Canoe Vocabulary

RIVERSPORT Cardboard Canoe Challenge Newton’s Laws of Motion



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