Changing Lives

RIVERSPORT FOUNDATION MISSION | We inspire excellence, enhance communities, and change lives through Olympic sports and outdoor urban adventures

The RIVERSPORT Foundation is changing lives. You can see it happening in our community of rowers, paddlers, cyclists, runners and adventure enthusiasts every day.

People of all ages and all levels of ability are discovering the life-changing potential at the Oklahoma River. You don’t have to be an athlete to make it happen. Some changes are character building. Others open minds to new possibilities. And some lead to adventures never imagined.

Corporate rowers tell us the sport brings co-workers together in ways that build new friendships. Dragon boaters learn about teamwork. New rowers and kayakers are amazed at how their new-found skills alter their lives – some with a sense of empowerment, others enjoying the serenity and balance of the sports.

Our Olympic hopefuls train on the Oklahoma River focused on competing in Paris in 2024. Across the country and around the world, athletes look forward to competing on the Oklahoma River’s world-class race venue and OKC’s Whitewater Rafting & Kayak Center. The US Olympic Committee has recognized our efforts by naming us a US Olympic and Paralympic Training Site.

Visitors from around the world experience the thrill of RIVERSPORT Adventures. From whitewater rafting to stand up paddle boarding, zip lining to rock climbing, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside and be active – all while having fun with friends and family.

Kids in our youth outreach programs discover a world beyond what they’ve known. And our adaptive athletes experience a new-found freedom in their ability to participate – and compete – in rowing and paddle sports.

We are seeing a change in the way people see themselves and our city. We are becoming a healthier, more active community – and the RIVERSPORT foundation is proud to be part of this momentum.

Join Us

It’s not often that you have the opportunity to change lives in such important ways. We invite you to join us in further developing and sustaining these important initiatives. To learn how you can get involved – as an athlete, volunteer, corporate sponsor, donor or member of our community – contact us online or call (405) 552-4040.