SandRidge Sky Zip FAQs

What is the price for the SandRidge Sky Zip?

A SandRidge Sky Zip Pass allows you to ride the zip line one time and is $24.99. Add it to your RIVERSPORT day pass for $9.99! Come early – zips are popular and sell out early on busy days.

How long is the zip line?

The SandRidge Sky Zip runs 700 feet across the Oklahoma River – and another 700 feet on the return trip.

How high is the zip line?

The zip line starts at the top of the 80-foot SandRidge Sky Trail and drops 50 feet before reaching the tower on the south shore. The return zip starts at 60 feet and ends at ground level.

How fast do you go on the zip line?

Your speed on the zip line depends on your weight, but the average adult can expect to travel the zip line at 12-15 mph.

How do you stop when you reach the other side?

The SandRidge Sky Zip includes a fun, bouncy “stop” once you reach the end of your ride.

How many people can travel on the zip line at once?

The zip line accommodates one zip line rider at a time.

Do you touch the water while going across?

No need to worry about getting your feet wet; you’ll be gliding well above the water’s surface.

Is the zip line still available for use during racing?

Yes! We will be operating the zip line during racing at many events.

How big is the cable?

The SandRidge Sky Zip cable is P355 ½” diameter compressed galvanized wire rope.

What happens if something falls out of my pockets?

We ask every rider to empty his or her pockets, remove any loose jewelry and secure eyeglasses with a strap so that nothing goes into the river.

How long does it take round trip?

The round trip zip gives you approximately 80 seconds of actual zip time.

What are the height and weight requirements?

Click here to view our safety guidelines.

What should I wear?

We recommend you dress for the weather in clothes that are comfortable but not too loose. Secure footwear is required (no flip-flops, crocs or sandals without a back strap). You’ll find more important information here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure!

Can I zipline while pregnant?

Anyone who is pregnant or who has a pre-existing medical condition can not ride the zip line.

Do you hold on to anything while riding on the zip line?

You may hold onto your zip tether but that is completely optional! Feel free to soar like a bird.

Can I shoot video while zip lining?

Video cameras aren’t allowed on the zip line unless prior arrangements have been made.

Do I have to wear safety gear?

You’re strapped into a safety harness so you’re free to enjoy the ride!

Can I still zip line when the weather is bad?

In the event of inclement weather, the SandRidge Sky Zip may close for part or all of a day. We typically close for the day if the forecast includes:

•  Chilly temps – 50 degrees or less
•  High winds – Sustained speeds of 20 mph
•  Heavy rain – 80% chance or higher

Please call Guest Services at (405) 552-4040 for current information.

What kind of training do your guides receive?

Each Adventure Guide is required to complete 10 hours of safety training and pass both a written and practical test.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

All participants will need to fill out a waiver. If participants are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will need to complete the waivers. Save time by signing your waiver online; look for the floating link on this page.