Get Involved in Rowing

Rowing is a great sport for anyone who enjoys being on the water. RIVERSPORT offers rowing lessons and coached programs for both youth (middle and high school) and masters (adults). Come join us!

Masters (Adult) Rowing Lessons

Ready to learn to row? RIVERSPORT offers a two-hour intro to rowing with our Discover Rowing lessons. It’s a great way to scope out the sport and see if you’d like to enroll in Learn to Row, a weekend experience offering two, three-hour lessons where you’ll learn the basics. After that, you’ll be ready to join our masters rowing program. RIVERSPORT also offers adaptive rowing for veterans and the visually impaired.

Youth Rowing Programs

Youth in middle and high school learn to row as part of our coached programs for both girls and boys ages 12-18. The RIVERSPORT Junior Crew includes youth from schools across the metro. Ready to put together a school team? RIVERSPORT’s Youth Rowing League offers a way for kids to learn to row as part of a school team.

Why Row?

Rowing is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed both competitively and recreationally. Often recognized as the ultimate in teamwork, it offers a complete workout that includes cardio, strength training, flexibility, coordination and balance – and it requires a level of focus that will clear your mind and refocus your energies.

Beyond the physical benefits, rowing is a sport that builds trust, teamwork, and bonds that can last a lifetime. Rowers have a great community both here and across the country. You’ll find rowers hanging out together after practice, enjoying social get togethers and, of course, celebrating the camaraderie that comes from racing – and winning! – together.

About Rowing…

If you want to read up on the sport, you’ll find an introduction to the basics in Rowing 101. Discover what it means to “catch a crab” in Rowing Terms and learn about racing in Tips for Watching. You can also learn about Rowing in Oklahoma, the people and organizations who first brought rowing to Oklahoma City and today welcome you to this fun and exciting sport! Ready to sign up, but still have questions on what to bring and where to go? Visit our Rowing FAQ’s.