Rowing Talent ID

Identifying athletes with the potential to successfully represent the United States at the World Rowing Championships and Olympic Games is a major objective of the USRowing National High Performance Center.

Oklahoma City hosts several ID camps throughout the year to determine the ability of potential athletes and conducts ongoing talent assessment of both U23 and senior athletes in lightweight and open weight categories. The goal is not only to develop new elite athletes from the pool of existing young rowers but to recruit athletes from other sports to rowing.

Our Team

Our team is made up of athletes dedicated to the pursuit of the highest level of excellence in the sport of rowing. Our goal is to earn the honor of competing for our country internationally and bring prestige to ourselves, the United States and the USRowing National High Performance Center. We champion each other as teammates and challenge each other as competitors. Our dedication, perseverance and drive embody the vision for the USRowing National High Performance Center as we strive to reach our goals.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop world-class athletes, and to ensure a clearly defined pathway for excellence in the sport of rowing.

If you are interested in learning more, please email us.

2020 U23/U19 Summer Training Program
June 15 – July 19, 2020,Oklahoma City, OK

The USRowing National High Performance Center is hosting a Summer Program for highly-motivated U23 and U19 athletes. This program provides framework for developing and improving small boat skills and race performance. Through intensive technical work, focused training and racing, athletes will build their stroke and refine their approach to competition. This program is for athletes who have the long term goals of competing in World Championships and the Olympic Games. The roster is typically no more than 24 athletes total.

Program Coaches select athletes based on rowing experience/accomplishments, erg scores, and recommendations. Practices consist primarily of rowing, supplemented with erg work, cross-training, core strengthening and lifting. Weekly program workshops will focus on nutrition, sports psychology, biomechanics and goal setting. Racing includes Club National Championships and U23/U19 Worlds Trials.

Program Goal Provide athletes with comprehensive training, education and racing experience in order to promote long-term USRowing National Team success.

Schedule Monday-Friday, AM and PM sessions, Saturday AM session. Sunday off.


Stars & Stripes Regatta (incl. 500m Night Sprints), OKC, OK: June 27 (All Athletes)
U19 World Championships Trials, Sarasota, FL: June 17-18  (High Performance Group)
U23 World Championships Trials, Cincinnati, OH: July 17-19 (High Performance Group)
USRowing Club National Championships, Cincinnati, OH:  July 14-19 (Development Group)
Mega World Rowing Championships, Bled, Slovenia August 15-23 (Trial Winners)

Optional:  Canadian Henley, St. Catharine’s, ON: August 2-9. For those athletes who to continue training, there will be the option to also compete at Canadian Henley, at the additional cost of $300 (OKC expenses and entries/boat rental in Canada). This does not include travel to Canada.


Program fee for the summer is $600 (coaching, equipment, and race entry fees, boat transport fees).
Housing fee: $600. Shared furnished apartments (same gender only) at Oklahoma City University.
Race travel, nationally and internationally, and incidentals are the responsibility of the athlete. Trial Winners will receive scholarships to offset USRowing fees.

Race Travel  Responsibility of the athletes and parents to make arrangements for athlete travel and accommodations. To be discussed after application has been accepted. Equipment will be transported by OKC NHPC staff.

Stewardship  The OKC Boathouse Foundation is the program’s host for the summer and will provide facilities, as well as boats, oars, coaching launches and equipment. Participating athletes are guests of the boathouse and are required to act as mature and respectful athletes at the boathouse and while representing the OKC National High Performance Center at races.

Erg Standards

High Performance Group

U23:  2k – 6:10, 6k – 20:10
Lightweight U23:  2k – 6:22 and 6k – 20:50
U19:  2k – 6:25, 6k – 21:10

U23: 2k – 7:10, 6k – 22:40
Lightweight U23: 2k – 7:20 and 6k – 23:10
U19:  2k – 7:20, 6k – 23:20

Development Group:

U23:  2k – 6:18, 6k – 20:40
Lightweight U23:  2k – 6:35 and 6k – 21:30
U21:  2k – 6:20, 6k – 20:50
Lightweight U21:  2k – 6:40 and 6k – 21:50
U19:  2k – 6:32, 6k – 21:40

U23: 2k – 7:20, 6k – 23:00
Lightweight U23: 2k – 7:30 and 6k – 23:30
U21: 2k – 7:25, 6k – 23:10
Lightweight U21: 2k – 7:35 and 6k – 23:45
U19:  2k – 7:30, 6k – 23:50

The U21 category has been added to provide 19-20 year-old athletes with racing opportunities at the Intermediate level, and prepare these athletes for subsequent U23camps and Trials.


Application:  Apply HERE. Deadline is April 10, 2020.

For questions please contact Reilly Dampeer at

Additional Youth Rowing Opportunities available at the Oklahoma City Boathouse District HERE.

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