Swiftwater Rescue Training

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Hurricanes, heavy rains and seasonal flooding put thousands of lives at risk each year. First responders find themselves rescuing victims from a myriad of situations. Learning the safest, most effective rescue techniques increases the likelihood of successful rescue while reducing risk for first responders. RIVERSPORT Rapids hosts numerous Swiftwater Rescue Training courses designed for a wide range of needs, from two-hour basic awareness classes designed for community and civic leaders to advanced three-day courses for experienced first responders. Watch our demo video to see Swiftwater Rescue Training in action at RIVERSPORT.

Join us for our annual Swiftwater Rescue Training Conference and Championship Games this August, hosted in conjunction with Oklahoma State University.

Community Floodwater Awareness

Prerequisite: None

This course reviews proper safety at a FLOOD incident by providing an overview of specific rescue situations and necessary precautions. Participants will learn the importance of scene safety and how to identify general hazards.  This classroom-based awareness class is designed for citizens and community leaders who require the skills necessary to recognize and support a floodwater incident. This class does not provide any training to manage or implement a floodwater rescue plan.

Ropes for Water Rescue

Prerequisite: None

This one-day course provides firefighters the knowledge and skills to operate rope systems specific to water rescue. Participants will learn site surveying, hazard identification, rope deployment and tactics, and rigging systems.

First Responder Water Rescue Awareness

Prerequisite: None

This one-day course prepares those emergency professionals who arrive first on scene to assist in a water rescue.  Water rescue is one of the most dangerous and dynamic rescue situations first responders encounter. Participants will learn response concepts, hydrology and water characteristics, hazards, incident command, rescue tactics, shore based rescue operations, personal protective equipment and medical considerations.

Special option for Law Enforcement Law Enforcement Water Rescue (LEWR1) tailors First Responders Water Rescue Operations for law enforcement personnel. LEWR1 will keep your officers safe during a swiftwater incident while keeping them involved, so they can execute a water rescue.  This is an eight hour CLEET course suited for new recruits or tenured officers.

First Responder Water Rescue Operations

Prerequisite: First Responders Water Rescue Awareness

This two-day course continues the Awareness class with in-the-water experience for emergency professionals. Participants will train in hazard recognition, equipment use, shore-based rescue, in water techniques in swiftwater at the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City.

Water Rescue Operations

This three-day course offers a comprehensive overview of response concepts, hydrology and water characteristics, hazards, rope throwing, rescue tactics, shore based rescue operations, rescue equipment, and medical considerations.  Day 1 is a combination of classroom based theory and land-based skills. On day 2, participants will get on the flatwater to test these theories and advance new skills. For the third day, participants will hone their skills in a swiftwater environment on the RIVERSPORT Rapids.

Swiftwater Operations Academy

This course covers the theoretical course content and practical skills of the three day Water Rescue Operations course and the three day Basic Boat Operator course into a comprehensive six day academy.

Water Rescue Specialist Academy

This course covers the theoretical course content and practical skills of the three day Water Rescue Operations course, the three day Basic Boat Operator course and the 1 day Specialist water rescue course into a comprehensive seven day academy.

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Oklahoma State University Partnership

Oklahoma State University conducts swiftwater rescue training, a part of its internationally respected fire protection and safety training program, at RIVERSPORT Rapids in the Oklahoma City Boathouse District. The Kayak Boathouse, located on the east end of the rapids, is the headquarters for the program.

First responders interested in the OSU swiftwater rescue program can visit osufst.org for more information.