Conquer the Dragon by MetroTech

RIVERSPORT is partnering with the MetroTech Downtown Business Campus to offer a unique team building experience combining focused classroom sessions with experiential training. Through customized curriculum and a Dragon Boat team paddling experience, your working teams explore what makes them great and face what keeps them from excellence. Learn the disciplines all top-performing teams exemplify every day and how to use them to make your team an unstoppable force and thriving success.

This unique program combines in-class and on-the-water training to build relationships and maximize your team’s learning experience.

In a program designed specifically for intact work teams requiring ongoing collaboration, coordination and commitment, your team members benefit from a customized training approach – concentrating on areas most relevant to your team and its performance. In candid discussions, team members are challenged to take ownership of how they impact overall performance and develop practical solutions for team success.

The Dragon Boat experiential training on the water reinforces the curriculum and provides a fun, out-of-office experience.

To schedule your Conquer the Dragon Team Building experience, visit, email [email protected] or call (405) 595-4090.