OKCRespond is a new way to show your support for OKC First Responders! Our goal is to give OKC firefighters, police officers, EMTs and other first responders  access to programs that support a healthy lifestyle – and the demands of their jobs – all at no cost. OKCRespond is funded by private donations. The more donations to the fund, the greater the number of first responders we can support!

We believe in supporting our First Responders and hope you will join us with a contribution!

First Responders – Get Your OKCRespond Membership

OKCRespond is designed to give you access to resources that support a healthy lifestyle. Physical fitness programs, outdoor adventure sports and recreation, mental health resources and the opportunity to give back to the community via youth mentorship programs – all are available through OKCRespond in partnership with OKC RIVERSPORT

THE FIRST STEP? Sign up for your RIVERSPORT+ pass at the front desk in the Chesapeake Boathouse. The program is open to all City of OKC First Responders.

You’ll get free access to all RIVERSPORT fitness and recreational opportunities in the Boathouse District including…


Whitewater rafting, kayaking, ropes courses, zip lines, surfing, climbing, cycling and more


Strength & Conditioning, OKC National High Performance Center in the Devon Boathouse

Indoor Rowing Classes

Endless Swimming Pool

Weight & Cardio Machines

Olympic Style Weight Room

Locker Rooms


Rowing League

Dragon Boat League

Whitewater Rafting League

Visit the Chesapeake Boathouse or email Brent Allen, Lifestyle Director, for more info.