Discover Surfing

Open and adults only sessions available; 42″ tall for Boogie Board, 48″ tall for Flowboard. Select your date from the registration calendar.

Open Sessions • Ages 14+
May 7 through October 2
Saturdays, 10a-11a
Sundays, 6:30p-7:30p

Adults Only
June 1 through August 10
Wednesdays, 6:30p-7:30p

RIVERSPORT’s Discover Surfing experience gets you surfing in under two hours. We’ll start with bodyboarding, first lying on your belly, then up on your knees. Once you have that mastered, you can try standing on a Flowrider surfboard with assistance from an instructor. We’ll show you entry and exit techniques for both boards plus tips for turning, maintaining balance and wiping out in style. Ready for more? Ask your surf instructor how you can learn to shred.