Challenge the Dragon

Dragon boating is the world’s fastest growing water sport and we’re proud to be the first to introduce it to Oklahoma! Originating from Chinese fishing vessels, these festive boats are decorated with fierce dragon heads, colorful bodies and elaborate tails. The longest boats measure 18 meters – almost the length of a metro bus – and carry a team of 20 paddlers plus a drummer! Smaller boats carry teams of 10 paddlers and a drummer.

Bring your group to the Oklahoma River to Challenge the Dragon and let the fun begin! Groups paddle to the beat of the drummer while learning what it takes to move the boat across the water as a team. After a quick land lesson, participants will don PFDs, grab their paddles and climb aboard. During the session, participants learn the importance of working together towards a common goal – and have a blast doing it!

The Challenge the Dragon experience is available March through October and requires a minimum of 10 participants who are ready for a fun challenge and able to perform moderate physical activity.

Prices vary depending on group size. Contact us to start planning your experience.