Windy or inclement weather may make it necessary to temporarily close one or more adventures; we will re-open as soon as the weather clears. We typically close for the day if the forecast includes chilly temps (50 degrees or less), sustained wind speeds of 25 mph, or an 80% chance of heavy rain. Please visit Guest Services or call (405) 552-4040 for current information.

Boathouse District Hours

Chesapeake Boathouse

Open 6a-8p Monday through Friday
Open 7a-5p Saturday
Open 1-5p Sunday

Devon Boathouse • High Performance Fitness Facility Hours

Open 6-7a • 9a-5p • 7-8p Monday through Friday
Open 9a-8p Saturday
Open 1-5p Sunday

CHK|Central Boathouse

Open 1-6p • Monday through Friday
Open 10a-6p Saturday
Closed Sunday

Holiday Hours for All Locations

Closed Easter Sunday
Closed Thanksgiving Day
The Boathouse District will close at noon on Christmas Eve • Closed Christmas Day
The Boathouse District will close at noon on New Years Eve • Closed New Years Day