Whitewater Kayaking

Whitewater Kayaking


Experience whitewater kayaking at RIVERSPORT Rapids, Oklahoma City’s whitewater rafting and kayaking center! Are you interested in learning how to whitewater kayak? Try one of our lessons to gain the knowledge and skill you need to succeed on your own. Discover Whitewater Kayaking lessons start you off with the basics of a whitewater kayak. Our Group Roll lessons teach you an important skill of whitewater kayaking – how to perform a kayak roll.  Would you like to learn to whitewater kayak on your own schedule? Private Whitewater Kayaking Lessons may be right for you!

Do you own your own whitewater gear and have the skill to whitewater kayak class II-IV rapids? Purchase a Whitewater Kayaking Pass to get on the water and enjoy the thrills that RIVERSPORT Rapids has to offer!

Meet Your Whitewater Kayak Program Lead!

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