Field Trips

Can you guess what it means to “feather” an oar? And what would you do if a coxswain called out “way enough?” Boathouse District field trips offer a fascinating tour of the Devon Boathouse where you’ll learn all about both rowing and canoe/kayak. You’ll have a close-up look at our 60 ft. rowing shells and needle-thin sprint racing kayaks, see our indoor rowing tank, and experience the training facilities used by our Olympic hopefuls in both rowing and canoe/kayak.

Your “behind the scenes” tour will also give you insights into the development of the Boathouse District – including the new boathouses and Whitewater Rafting & Kayak Center still to come – as you tour the award-winning building designed by architect Rand Elliott.

Field trips can be customized to fit your group. You can add an activity – RIVERSPORT Passes, kayaking or dragon boating are popular, and we can help you with arrangements for lunches or snacks. Email us or call (405) 552-4040 to learn more.