SandRidge Sky Trail

The Sandridge SkyTrail is an 80ft tall adventure course that features 6 levels of elements. 

Participants wear a full body harness and are hooked into an overhead track system that goes throughout the perimeter of course – so once you’re hooked in at the base, you can’t become unhooked. You take stairs up to each new level – so you can go as high as you want. There are three ways to get down.  

1. The stairs.  

2. The sky slides. These are the tallest dry slides in North America at 72ft tall!  You slide down on a carpet and reach a top speed of about 20mph.  

3. The Rumble drop. An assisted free fall off the top of the sky trail – Don’t worry!  The harness slows you down before you land. 

The surrounding area is a free playground and also the youth zone – with a mini sky trail for kids, a jumping pillow, air jumper and mini-zip line. 

Here’s your next clue…


So much water everywhere!  Is there someplace dry?


N 035° 27.544  W 097° 29.882