OKC RIVERSPORT Competitive Junior Crew

OKC RIVERSPORT Junior Crew offers competitive rowing for kids ages 13 to 19 – and you don’t have to be a proven athlete to give it a shot. Rowers come from all backgrounds and all levels of athletic ability. If you’re interested in joining the competitive Junior Crew, the first step is visiting the Chesapeake Boathouse at the Oklahoma City Boathouse District, meeting the coach and watching a practice. See what rowing and the Junior Crew are all about!

OKC RIVERSPORT Junior Crew recruits new members at the beginning of each season in August and January. Plus we have Summer Camps that teach youth how to row. Whenever you start, we teach you everything you need to know. One of the biggest opportunities of joining Junior Crew is the potential for college scholarships. Rowing offers nearly 2,000 full scholarships to women in NCAA programs each year! And with many colleges across the nation participating with men’s crew programs, rowing can open doors to prestigious schools for both men and women.

You’re welcome to stop by anytime, but we encourage you to contact the coach prior to the visit for the best experience. Call (405) 552-4040 or email us for more information.