Congratulations to the RIVERSPORT Junior Crew! On June 10, the Boys Lightweight 4+ won the silver medal at the 2018 USRowing Youth National Championships, which hosts more than 350 crews each year. 

Join the Junior Rowing Team

Junior rowers practice in both sweep (rowing with one oar) and sculling (two oars) boats. Practice times are the same year-round and vary by desired training level. Most novice athletes attend 4-6 practices while varsity athletes typically attend 5-6 practices per week. Need-based, merit-blind tuition and travel scholarships are available to families who qualify. Those interested in joining the Junior Crew can try it out for the first two weeks with no obligation! For more information regarding competitive junior rowing please call or email Luke Reynolds at lreynolds@okcbf.org or 552-4040 ext. 4216.


Middle School Rowing is a great first step into the sport of rowing for athletes ages 11-13. Athletes will learn all of the basic mechanics of the rowing stroke and receive basic fitness instruction. They will be introduced to the culture of rowing and how to operate in a team-oriented environment.

Middle School Rowing Fees
Monthly: $100 or
Seasonal: $240 (save 20%)

Middle school rowing practice: Tuesdays & Thursdays 4-6p. Season dates: August-November; March-May.


Novice competitive rowing is the first year of any high school rowers’ career. This group travels to competitions (regattas) throughout the region and nationally. Athletes do not need a rowing or athletic background to begin rowing on the novice team.

Novice Rowing Fees
Monthly: $175 or
Annual: $1,680 (save 20%)

Novice high school rowing fees include all of the benefits of a RIVERSPORT Lifestyle Pass!

Novice practice is offered: Monday-Friday 4-6p • Saturdays 9-11:30a. Season Dates: August-May (limited June-July practices).


Varsity high school rowing is designed for rowers who have completed their first year of novice competitive rowing and want to build both speed and skill on the water with a focus on competing in regional and national regattas. Athletes in this program will have the opportunity to compete at the USRowing Youth National Championship in June.

Varsity Rowing Fees
Monthly: $175 or
Annual: $1,680 (save 20%)

Novice/Varsity high school rowing fees include all of the benefits of a RIVERSPORT Lifestyle Pass!

Varsity practice is offered: Monday-Friday 4-6p • Saturdays 9-11:30a. Season Dates: August-May (limited June-July practices)