RIVERSCREAM and The Splice

RIVERSCREAM and The Splice have ended for the 2019 season. We’ll see you in 2020!





When night falls, the undead come alive at RIVERSPORT in the Boathouse District. Suddenly the SandRidge Sky Trail darkens and becomes infested with zombies! Your mission: avoid the zombies at all costs. You’ll climb the six stories of the SandRidge Sky Trail, maneuvering around obstacles and dodging zombies. But don’t let them too close or they’ll take a bite! Luckily, med stations are placed strategically, so you can heal up and get back in the action. Score the most points, stay alive, and be declared the winner at the end of the game! This is a fun experience for ages 7+.

RIVERSCREAM is included with your RIVERSPORT Season Pass – purchase your 2020 Season Pass and experience RIVERSCREAM this fall!


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Presented by The Sanctuary, THE SPLICE is Oklahoma City’s newest, most terrifying haunted attraction! It all began when a meteor hit the earth causing DNA mutations in creatures of all kinds. Mutants are now terrifying victims as they stumble in the dark through six acres of outdoor terror. A truly terrifying experience for ages 13+.