We’re taking your Zombie fears to new heights!


5-11p, Fridays & Saturdays in October
$39 • RIVERSCREAM + Rafting Pass
        View online schedule for rafting times
$29 • KJ103’s RIVERSCREAM Pass 
        Add laser tag or zip for $10 each
$19 • Zombie Zip or Laser Tag
$10 • Pirate Zone (ages 7 and under)
OKC Boathouse District

A recent outburst of terrestrial gamma-ray flashes appear to have transformed RIVERSPORT into….RIVERSCREAM!

A mysterious lightning bolt was seen violently shooting from a single cloud, its gamma rays transforming adventure guides and guests on the RIVERSPORT Sky Trail into a zombie-like state. The extreme contagion of this unnatural phenomenon calls for immediate mobilization of a high security operation, code name: OKC Zombie Task Force.

Courageous citizens are needed immediately to contain the Zombies before they escape and terrorize the city. We must reverse the gamma ray effects by activating explosive transformers located throughout the six-story Sky Trail, now being called the Sky Scream. 

The Sky Scream is still smoldering; visibility will be limited and you will find the gamma radiation has caused normal insects to grow to abnormal and frightening sizes on the structure. We must also warn you…the screams of those who’ve already been affected can be unnerving. 

Once the transformers have been activated, your team will have only seconds to escape before the blast erupts. Be advised: your only escape route is down a black-hole high speed slide. Anyone who survives will be asked to continue the hunt for escaping Zombies and will be issued laser guns to hunt Zombies in the whitewater channels.

The citizens of the world are counting on your success – we salute and honor you!

Please note – secure footwear is required for all members of the OKC Zombie Task Force; no flip-flops or sandals without a back strap are allowed. You’ll find more important information here to be ready for your mission!