Power 10 Partners


In rowing, the term “power 10″ calls for each member of the crew to give 10 of their most powerful strokes to build momentum and propel the shell forward. Oklahoma City’s POWER 10 Partners are providing this same momentum to the projects at the Oklahoma River. Funding for our nationally and internationally recognized events, seed money for master plan development, and significant investment in new boathouses and the finish line tower are all propelling the Oklahoma River toward becoming one of the world’s premier urban aquatic venues.

For the citizens of Oklahoma City, the dividends are immeasurable. Economic development, a significant increase in tourism, and a new image for Oklahoma City promise to have a transformational effect on our city.

The possibilities have only begun to be realized as we continue to welcome new partners into this powerful effort to propel Oklahoma City into a new era.

We invite you to join us in thanking them for their support!

Chickasaw Nation OGE