OGE NightSprints, Race Info

In its twelfth year, the OGE NightSprints will attract thousands of spectators to the Oklahoma River as world-class rowers from across the nation sprint under giant stadium lights.

New in 2014 and continuing in 2018, all crews will complete a separate entry for night races.

The top 3 spots will be reserved for the top 3 finishers of last year’s event.  The Regatta Director does not assume the 2017 top three finishers will register.  Those top 3 crews must also complete registration entries.

The remaining entries will be filled on a first-come, first served basis.

If a crew does not make registration, then the team can sign up on the wait list on Regatta Central. There is a limit to two entries per team per event.

If there is space and the schedule allows, third entries may register on the waitlist.

Head race results will determine lane assignments.  In addition, in events with multiple finals, head race results will also determine if a crew is in the petit or grand final.

Link to Registration for OGE NightSprints [Coming Soon].

2018 results will be posted on herenow.com

The Parent/Child NightSprints are direct registration with no corresponding head race event. To register, email Megan Duffy at mduffy@okcbf.org. In deference to NCAA regulations, collegiate rowers are excluded from participation in Parent/Child NightSprints.

All crews are expected to check in at the Control Commission tent at the base of the Chesapeake Finish Line Tower to ensure proper lighting, a properly affixed bow ball, and heel ties on each shoe.

Teams racing in the NightSprint events need to bring safety lights for all crews registered to race. Boats are prohibited from launching without the required lighting.

Crews are expected to launch 20 minutes in advance of the event from the dock located at the Chesapeake Finish Line Tower. Crews will be responsible for launching on time and allowing for time to get to the starting line in time for their event.  There will not be any calls to the water.  Any changes to the launch times will be announced. Events will not be held for late crews. Please ensure your crews are prompt on the dock and observe a 90 second dock time.

All NightSprint racing will be conducted in a clockwise direction with racing occurring from the 500 m start line in front of the Whitewater Pavilion and ending at the sprint finish line located in front of the Chesapeake Finish Line Tower.  Crews are prohibited from warming up downstream of the I-35 bridge.

Crews should be prepared to do a floating start or maintain a point with a floating start.

At the end of the NightSprint, crews will paddle through the Lincoln Blvd bridge and recover at the dock located in front of the Chesapeake Boathouse.

Gold Medals for the OGE NightSprints will be distributed immediately following each NightSprint event at the awards dock located near Chesapeake Finish Line Tower.  Second and third place medals can be picked up at the awards table on the first floor of the Devon Boathouse.