Group Fitness

With a Lifestyle Pass you can take advantage of the numerous group fitness classes offered at the Boathouse District. Classes are added throughout the year. Check our schedule to see what new classes are offered at the Boathouse District! Non-members are welcome to drop in on a class at any time for $19.


Tues, Thurs 5a, 6:15p, Chesapeake Boathouse  High-energy, group indoor rowing workouts are set to heart-pounding music. A great indoor training alternative during the winter months or year-round, indoor rowing or “erging” offers a full-body workout. You’ll build cardiovascular endurance while strengthening muscles in the arms, legs, chest, back and abs. Plus, you’ll fine-tune the speed and rhythm of your stroke to see improvements in your on-the-water rowing. Never rowed before? No problem. We’ll show you everything you need to know to get started.


Thurs 1p, Chesapeake Boathouse  Silver sneakers is available to those ages 55+ and is a fun way to stay in shape. The Silver Sneakers program is a fitness program designed to increase cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, conditioning, flexibility and balance.


Mon, Wed, Fri 5a • Sat 6a, Devon Boathouse  Cardio Mix involves various cardiovascular exercises to burn calories. The circuit training involved in this class allows you to take part in new exercises for short periods of time to reduce repeating moves to keep exercises fresh.

For more information on classes or personal training, email us or call (405) 552-4040.