See how adventurous you can be with FitQuest, our fun approach to staying healthy and physically fit. Print off the chart below, check off your activities, add up your points, then redeem your card for a prize at the Youth Pavilion in RIVERSPORT Adventures in the Boathouse District.

Gold Medal = 30+ points
Silver Medal = 25+ points
Bronze Medal = 20 points

  Get on the water Points
  Stand Up Paddleboard (15 minutes) +4
  Kayak (15 minutes) +4
  Challenge the Dragon (15 minutes) +4
  Reach for the Sky
  Summit the Sky Trail (10 minutes) +4
  Cloud Bounce (10 minutes) +3
  Rock Climb to the Top (15 minutes) +3
  Hit the Trail
  Ride the Subaru Momentum Pump Track (15 minutes) +3
  Walk to the Chesapeake Boathouse and Back +2
  Play Beach Volleyball (15 minutes) +2
  Healthy Choices
  Pick Bottled Water Instead of Soft Drink +2
  Choose Fruit Smoothie Instead of Candy Bar +2
  The Great Indoors
  Rowing Challenge (10 minutes of indoor rowing)  +5
  Virtual Sports Challenge (10 minutes) +3
  Exerbike (10 minutes) +3