Get on the Water
Kayaking Go for a leisurely paddle or ramp it up for a more intense workout 615 cal/hr (4 mph)
Stand Up
Paddle Boarding
Like surfing without the waves 225-850 cal/hr
 Reach for the Sky
Cloud Bounce Similar to a trampoline, a great full body workout 320 cal/hr
Bungee Trampoline Another jumping option, but this time you can do flips 320 cal/hr
Sky Trail
Climb the 120 steps to the top of the six-story structure, then take the slide or Rumble Drop down…just for fun! .42 cal/step
Climbing Wall Hand over hand, you’ll build upper body strength and burn calories 734 cal/hr
Hit the Trail
Bicycles Ride, run or walk the 13+ miles of trails on the Oklahoma River (12-14 mph) 560 cal/hr
Subaru Momentum
Pump Track
We provide pads and helmets; you bring the bike, get your heart rate up, an torch the calories 700-900 cal/hr
Head Inside
Rowing Machines A full body exercise, you’ll work all major muscle groups, build core strength and cardio endurance. Go easy or hard. Inside Chesapeake Boathouse 246-844 cal/hr
Go Old School Traditional cardio, weight machines and free weights in our fitness center. You know the drill Varies
Freestyle with these fun and FREE activities!
Beach Volleyball Bring your friends and a volleyball; we have the sand court and net just outside the Devon Boathouse 484 cal/hr
Running, cycling or walking 13+miles of trails up to 500 cal/hr
NEOS 360 Like an outdoor video game, only you supply the action up to 500 cal/hr
Energi Zone An outdoor workout zone outside the Chesapeake Boathouse, it has more than a dozen exercises including pullups, push ups, squats, dips, stretching, balance disk, step lunge and more! Varies

All cal/hr are estimates based on a 150 lb person; your specific calorie burn will vary based on your age, weight and effort expended.