RIVERSPORT Celebrates Earth Day

RIVERSPORT is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22. We invite you to join us as we share ideas for celebrating from home!

Become Litterati
Join the movement to eradicate litter. Sign up for the app, pick up litter and geotag it. What was previously impossible to track now has footprints. The more clear the data, the easier to find solutions. Check out the impact it’s already having and download the app today. **Practice social distancing and be extra-safe if you handle litter during the COVID 19 crisis**

Watch Creator Jeff Kirschner’s Ted Talk about his app to learn more.

Reduce your impact
Specifically, we’re crusading for eliminating single use plastics. You’ll see RIVERSPORT making changes. No more plastic bags. Reusable water bottles instead of bottled water. Food packaged and served using biodegradable materials whenever possible. How can you use less plastic?

Learn about the impact of just one type of single use plastics: plastic bags.

Re-use, repurpose, reinvent
Remember when we had plenty? The recent short-course in scarcity is an eye-opener. We’re squeezing every last bit of usefulness from everyday household goods and having fun with it. Check out these Pinterest-worthy ideas.

Let us know if you have a creative repurposing hack!

We have a confession. We’re not the best recyclers. We do well in some areas (cardboard!), but nailing major-league eco-responsibility is hard.  Right?! This Earth Day, we’re making a pledge to fine-tune our paper, aluminum and plastic recycling. We invite you to join us.

Get the facts at Recycle America.

Earth Day
Celebrate what’s right with our planet and commit to protecting it for generations to come. You can start in your own backyard. If you can catch it on Earth Day, join the global conversation with 24 hours of live celebration on April 22.

Miss the live celebration?  You can still check out EarthDay.org to see what you missed, learn more about Earth Day, and how to reduce your impact on the planet.