Basecamp Nature Center

Basecamp Nature Center is temporarily closed

Even in urban areas, wildlife abounds. Explore the exhibits showcasing snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs …and even tarantulas and scorpions… in the RIVERSPORT Basecamp Nature Experience in the Boathouse District. It’s easy to spot – just look for the bright orange shipping container with the awesome artwork by local artist Jack Fowler.

Basecamp also offers an assortment of snacks and scooters for the pump track – they’re included in your pass or you can rent one.

Check out the current list of exhibits in the Nature Center and plan to visit us!


Rough Greensnake

Plains Garter Snake

Plain-bellied Watersnake

Diamondback Watersnake

Dekay’s Brownsnake

Prairie Ringneck Snake

Rough Earthsnake

Flat-headed Snake

Ratsnake (coming soon)


Western Slender Glass Lizard

Six-lined Racerunner Lizard

Five-lined Skink

Mediterranean House Gecko

Northern Green Anole (coming soon)


Gray Tree Frog Complex (Copes Gray and Gray Tree Frog)

Green Tree Frog

Small-mouthed Salamander

American Toad

Woodhouses Toad

Southern Leopard Frog


Red-eared Slider

Eastern River Cooter

Common Snapping Turtle

Mississippi Map Turtle

Spiny Softshell Turtle

Ornate Box Turtle

Three-toed Box Turtle


Texas Brown Tarantula

Striped-bark Scorpion

Native Oklahoma Fish (Largemouth Bass, Sunfish, Long-eared Sunfish, Mosquito Fish, Crayfish)