Olympian Joe Jacobi | RIVERSPORT Leadership

The power of whitewater translates into a powerful foundation for the “Five with Joe” leadership development program led by Olympic Gold Medalist and Performance Coach Joe Jacobi. Join leaders from diverse backgrounds – or bring your core leadership group together – to learn about, experience, and transfer whitewater river concepts and strategies to professional development and business goals.

Sessions are hosted in the OKC Boathouse District’s RIVERSPORT Rapids whitewater rafting and kayaking center. Check out the video!

The three part series includes…

The Transition Code 

Navigating our pursuits in business require constant adjustment to change in the face of uncertain conditions. Navigating whitewater rapids requires the exact same qualities – the key is not only to learn about the mindset of transition, but to practice it – on the river, which is exactly what we do in this program. We will spend our afternoon navigating the whitewater rapids through the lens of ongoing change.

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Course-Correct to Gold

One of the most overlooked factors in the world of peak performance is the ability to identify and correct mistakes. Strengthening this one part of your game can dramatically change your bottom line in ways you might not have considered. In this program, we deconstruct America’s only Olympic Gold Medal-winning whitewater race run and transfer these lessons learned  to develop new strategies, mindsets, and vision for better course correction. Then, we take to the river to put these strategies to the test in the whitewater channels of Riversport Rapids.

Registration for 2017 has ended. Registration for 2018 courses will begin in spring 2018.

Building Cultures of Excellence

The right kind of culture can make or break the goals we set for ourselves and our teams. In this program, we take a deep dive into the attributes affecting our personal and professional performance cultures. We’ll examine our own current realities, identify the barriers standing in our way, and formulate strategies to build cultures of excellence. Then, we head out to the river where we can put these concepts into play in real time.

Registration for 2017 has ended. Registration for 2018 courses will begin in spring 2018.

Program Schedule

Day 1: Welcome Dinner 

6-8:30 pm  Welcome Reception and Dinner with Joe Jacobi

Day 2: Whitewater Program Day

9:00a Welcome & Overview

9:15a  Opening Presentation

10:30a  Coffee Break

11:15a   Small group application

12 Noon  Lunch

1:00pp  Whitewater set-up and strategy session (dry-land)

1:30p  On-water river program

4:00p  – Debrief

4:30p   Closing reception


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