MAY • OKC Whitewater Festival

MAY 18-21, 2017

The inaugural Oklahoma City Whitewater Festival will take place May 18-21 and will include many whitewater rafting and kayaking events. This four-day whitewater celebration will include the R4 Rafting National Championship and USA Canoe/Kayak Canoe Slalom trials, plus downriver and freestyle kayaking competition.

The R4 Rafting National Championship includes a grueling downriver marathon, sprint race, head-to-head elimination, and slalom race. These events will be held on various days during the festival with each day bringing a new and exciting race.

USA Canoe/Kayak Whitewater Canoe Slalom trials will determine which athletes represent the U.S. for the 2017 World Cup season and will take place May 18-20.

We welcome everyone to experience the world of whitewater rafting and kayaking as we celebrate the opening of another exciting season at RIVERSPORT Rapids! The Whitewater Festival weekend will showcase just a few of the events that can be brought to Oklahoma City’s RIVERSPORT Rapids whitewater rafting and kayaking center in the coming years.

We hope you’ll join us!